Kate’s lyrical abstract painting is driven by instinctive and emotional responses to landscape and the energy of human interconnection. Losing herself in a dense subtropical environment through her ritualistic running practice, Kate's experiences are processed through the artist and shared with viewers via distinct gestural mark making. Sources of inspiration are processed with qualities of mystery, sensuousness and nostalgia in an intuitive, spontaneous application of paint. Works explore feelings of space, manipulation and the chance of built-up layers finding a voice on the canvas. Compositions arise from balancing opposing angles and strokes with the vitality of colour and texture. As defiant marks wander the canvas, layers build and textures emerge and animate the painted surface.By immersing the viewer in the rich and fecund terrain of her paintings, a synchronicity between nature and organic movement encourages a connection and almost primitive emotional reaction to Kate's art. As we pass by we allow ourselves to be drawn in.